Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog on Fire

Every time I appear on Wait-Wait I get an additional seven to ten thousand visitors to this site for a day or two. Most of you check out the blog because 1) You think you might actually get some fresh and/or inside information about something. This almost never happens unless you consider my personal tractor activities something. 2) You really don't have time to read the longer and more thoughtful essays loaded on the home page. 3) There is no way you came here to buy a book.

I have been experimenting with this blog with the same sort of scientific focus employed by our ancestors as they explored the parameters of, say, fire. This would have amounted to sitting around and tossing things into the flames to see what happens. Usually nothing did. It just burned up. Same here.

Tune in next week for another exciting episode of Tom's Blog.


Anonymous Ewop said...

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2:14 PM  
Blogger TIM said...

I for one come here for the pithiness of your blog. Sorry, but I don't idolize you, or want your autograph. I do however enjoy your take on "things".

Your take on turkeys in the field, or tractors on fire, or whatever - gives me pause from my sophisticated NY ways...

Anyway, I take a handful of blogs (yours included) read them, and toss them on the flames. Sometimes I can see smoke. That's when it gets interesting.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Jay Caauwe said...

I agree with Tim...but it all depends on what you, Tom, want out of this. It is to encourage meaningful dialoge and discourse ? Or to provide a repository for like minded individs to stop by and say " Howdy ". Its hard enough to commit to putting pen to paper let alone becoming a full time blogger.
Sorry I missed the Chicago show a couple of weeks keeps getting in the way. The leaves are gathering in the bow of the row boat, signaling the onset of another season winding down in the St Joe river valley

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

I like to read your blog because it is to me the perfect mix of humor, and life... Whether its a laptop battery, a tree house, a tractor in a tight spot or memories of a beloved relative you just have a way of talking about it that gives us a real sense of your feeling.

Just to let you know I have already read several of your essays in the website and I hope to be able to buy more than one of your books soon.

Blessings to you and yours this day and always...

Chuck in OR

6:17 PM  
Blogger David JP Hooker said...

I would have to say you are not quite giving us enough credit. Or your blog- well,I guess it depends on your perspective. Throwing stuff into the fire is just an excuse to sit around a campfire and not think about other crap. I like feeling like we're just hangin' out. It's like going fishing--you can still enjoy it if you don't catch nothin'.
I also love your other writings; I check out the essays, and have some of your books. But this is less formal, which is what this medium is so good at. If it makes you miserable then drop it, but I, for one, would miss it.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Paige & Mike Adams said...

Hey Tom, Commenting on an old post but that's where I am. I didn't here you recently on Wait Wait, I actually saw a response to a Motel 6 complaint on another blog. It was fun. I hope you'll come and comment on my blog but unfortunately I'm not mad at Motel 6 :) Check um out you may find something. Be good! mike

10:40 AM  

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