Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday Blues

It's a beautiful Christmas, er, Easter Day here in Vermont. A crust of snow glimmers in the field. A chill west wind brings the promise of fresh flurries. The boys are scratching at the walls -- trapped in the house by weather while suffering sugary Peep-induced psychotic episodes of angst and horror. I put the sleds away three weeks ago and arranged the rockers on the porch. They blew over.

Easter is a celebration of renewal, redemption and hope. Why do I feel like suffocating a meteorologist with synthetic Easter Basket grass? I've lived in the North my entire life and every Spring about this time I realize all over again that I am, in fact, insane. But the realization obscures and fades as the weather eventually does warm and the pastel colors of Spring crowd out the black and white realities of our latitude. Renewal. Redemption. Hope.
Neat trick, God.


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