Monday, October 23, 2006

Under the Double Rainbow

Here is a picture of my wife explaining a double rainbow to our 3 year old last week. I'm not sure what she told him, but I assume she made something up as we do half of the time when he peppers us with natural science questions. I've even reverted, at desperate times, to the Catholic Catechism. God displayed a rainbow to Noah and his lucky relatives after the flood waters receded as His promise to never again destroy the earth with water. Of course, He said nothing about fire, plague or Republicans. That God - such a kidder.

In a strange way it is comforting to think that human activities are the cause of global warming which in turn is creating severe weather and environmental conditions that will one day destroy us. If it wasn't for our greenhouse gases we'd have no choice but to assume that God was mad at us again. You have to admit that would hurt your feelings.
But the rainbows help.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's been almost a month since I last posted. I'm changing the home page of this thing about as often as the blog. Maybe you can't really call a sedentary journal like this a blog. How about a Slog? It's for people like me who have fast-breaking thoughts and urges every couple of weeks or so. I think perhaps I am not as impressed with my own thoughts as I used to be. That could be the result of the comfortable ego of a middle-aged man. Or it could be a sign of early Alzheimer's. I must slog on that some more.

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