Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Website Sucks

A helpful reader wrote to me this week basically saying, "Love your stuff. Your website sucks". Okay, he didn't basically say that. He said that exactly. I know he's right about this web page. has sucked for quite a number of years. If websites could have mullets, this one would. I haven't updated the design of it since, let me think -- ever. The reason is that I'm lazy and uninspired when it comes to electronic media. I see other websites and they look interesting and cool and there is always new content to check out. Mine lays here like one of those Chinese restaurants you pass everyday but have never seen or met anybody who has eaten there. Perhaps this site is also a front for a human trafficking network. Impossible, because that would be interesting and this is not.

What I need is somebody who is more interested in me and the stuff I do than I am. I don't say that in some sad sack Eeyore way. I just no longer have the vanity it takes to drive a self-promotion vehicle responsibly. Modesty is to the Internet what fuel economy is to NASCAR: The losers circle. Losers circle…hmm. Can you do that on google+?

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