Monday, October 23, 2006

Under the Double Rainbow

Here is a picture of my wife explaining a double rainbow to our 3 year old last week. I'm not sure what she told him, but I assume she made something up as we do half of the time when he peppers us with natural science questions. I've even reverted, at desperate times, to the Catholic Catechism. God displayed a rainbow to Noah and his lucky relatives after the flood waters receded as His promise to never again destroy the earth with water. Of course, He said nothing about fire, plague or Republicans. That God - such a kidder.

In a strange way it is comforting to think that human activities are the cause of global warming which in turn is creating severe weather and environmental conditions that will one day destroy us. If it wasn't for our greenhouse gases we'd have no choice but to assume that God was mad at us again. You have to admit that would hurt your feelings.
But the rainbows help.


Blogger Geoff said...

Unfortunately too many people honestly believe that God is the cause of global warming... likely many even ponder this idea as they drive across town to the grocery store in a vehicle more suitable for travel on Mars. A vehicle that measures fuel economy not in the standard m.p.g. but rather in gallons per mile - and thus the downward spiral continues. It would do most good to spend time in Alaska where you can watch glaciers melt... very quickly. The rainbows do help though.

2:30 AM  
Blogger chuck said...

Is it possible that global warming could be happening due to truly bigger issues such as the changing of the orbit between the earth and the sun? I really do think we as humans are very arrogant to think we can destroy what we could not even begin to create.

I dont disagree at all that we have a problem and we do need to be more environmentally concious in trying to take care of this earth but I just do not agree that we are the cause of every melting glacier, every bad hurricane season, every extraordinarily cold winter, or every extraordinarily hot summer. I think we like to think we can control those things but they are so far above us.

Oh well just something to think about.

Blessings to you all

7:28 PM  
Blogger Geoff said...

you're certainly onto a valid point there chuck, but i think it's important to steer clear of making excuses for our behavior.

I agree that there is a level of arrogance in assuming that we as humans have enough control to mess up something so much larger than us, but I also think there is a very high level of greed when people fall back on ideas like this and refuse to do the simple things that can help the overall health of our planet and future generations of humans who will hopefully one day live on this planet.

It doesn't surprise me when people are unwilling to do the things that take extra time or money, but i'm so amazed at how many people (seemingly out of spite) aren't willing to do the things that actually save them time and/or money.

I live in Juneau, Alaska and the thing about juneau is that there are no roads out of the area. all roads lead from town to residential areas. essentially all driving done in juneau is thus of the commuting type. if you are in your car you are almost certainly either running an errand or going to/from work. you're never loading up lots of stuff to go away on vacation or driving up over the mountains to get somewhere else (there are no roads into the mountains and there is nowhere else to go). For some reason though, like everywhere else in this country, almost everyone here drives around in an SUV or Pickup truck.

Alaskans are so into not paying a dime for anything they don't have to, heck we don't even have state income tax or state sales tax (and the state pays us ~$1,000/year to live here), but then for some reason when it comes to vehicles i see more people driving around in Hummers than i do driving around in Honda Civics. I just don't get it.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous FloridaSuzie said...

", plague or Republicans."
-Tom Bodett

Ouch! I distinctly recall reading in one of your books that you consider yourself kind of in the middle - you see the positive and negative aspects of both parties and that you're just as comfortable living in a red state as a blue state. Please don't tell me moving to Vermont and the gig at NPR has made you change your mind? Say it ain't so, Tom! ;)
I'm caught on fire & eat up with the plague (heh),
FloridaSuzie, Republican

1:32 AM  
Blogger chuck said...

I would love to see Alaska someday. I used to listen to "The End of The Road" that was produced from Homer Alaska and It was like lighting a fire in me. I hope and pray to see the great state of Alaska some day.

However I guess my upbringing gets in the way a little bit and I dont think I could ever handle living there. I dont quite understand why any government should be handing money out to the good people who live there only because they live there. In my way of thinking that breeds the very kinds of excesses you are talking about. If you did not see such government handouts I bet you would see far less of the gas guzzling Hummers and other SUV's.

I do believe we should take care of this planet and you are right in that not only would it help our future generations survive it could help our bottom line now from lowering our fuel consumption to reducing the healthcare costs of such things as Asthema.

Here in OR our State Income Tax exceeds the Federal Income Tax. I sure do wish we did not have one here.

Blessings to you

1:35 AM  
Blogger Tom Bodett said...

I am as independent-minded as ever when it comes to politics. Believe me, if it had been the Democrats or any other party in complete control of our Federal government who had made the mess this one has over the past six years the joke would have been "...death by Democrats".
If you do not see the mess, then it is you, dear Suzie, who have been led astray. History will prove this period of American leadership to be an embarrassing low point. This goes for both national parties. One man's opinion.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous FloridaSuzie said...

I thought by ", plague or Republicans" you meant Republicans in general. My 24 year old son is a local Republican politician whom I'm very proud of and is doing a wonderful job. You remember me telling you about my 15 year old son who we lost in an accident 2 years ago? He helped "campaign" (hold signs, wave and smile at people - one of my best memories) for his big brother. He didn't live long enough to attend the celebratory dinner & ceremony given in his brother's honor but he got to see him win the election and was so proud of him.

Yes, I guess I do qualify for your definition of gone "astray" because I do support our President, I might not agree with everything he does but I think he does an excellent job under the times and circumstances.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Ron Speegle said...

Wishing only the best for our country, I am going to give the Democrats a helping hand and with hold any criticism until I see which way they are taking the country.. It is my hope that they do only positive things.. But I have to admit that there are way to many of them that don't seem to think we are up against an enemy that wants nothing more than to see us destroyed..
Love your blog and sure wish you could bring back your End of the Road show... Ron Speegle

9:41 AM  
Blogger chuck said...

I must say I agree with you Ron. I am very willing to give the Democrats a chance at running things and maybe they will be a big improvement.

I also agree with Tom that this has been a peticularly bad 6 years in the way our government has run. Although I do place the responsibility for this on BOTH parties and not just President Bush and his administration.

Maybe having a democratically controlled House and Senate will help. We shall see.

I know reading scripture I am told to pray for those in authority that it may go well for me and my home. I am doing that now and will continue no matter who occupies the presidency, the house, or the senate.

Blessings from the lower NW

Chuck in OR

3:25 AM  
Blogger Geoff said...

We are in fact, as Ron has said: "up against an enemy who wants nothing more than to see us destroyed." The problem though is that this enemy is an IDEA that touches down in numerous regions throughout the world. by attempting to combat this enemy in one specific location (Iraq) all we have done is further fuel these IDEAS that make up our enemy. As a result the threat that is posed to The United States from within Iraq's borders is significantly larger today than it was 4 years ago. Yet this isn't even the worst thing that has come out of our failure in Iraq. Far more important is the fact that our actions in Iraq have further fueled the hatred for, and thus increased the threat posed to the United States from individuals and groups outside of Iraq. (i.e. "Iraq has become a cause celebre' for extremists worldwide" - as stated in a government intelligence report released in september)

What we are up against is a growing IDEA throughout the world that the United States is arrogant, corrupt, greedy, and unwilling to cooperate with other nations. perhaps rather than trying to kill everyone who believes these things we should instead try being a little less arrogant, corrupt, and greedy; and a little more willing to cooperate with other nations.

I believe wholeheartedly that the United States is the greatest nation in the world today but i don't really understand how or when this pride that so many of us share as Americans became a reason or an excuse to use aggresion toward all who don't agree with this. Again it's a "war" of IDEAS, but at some point I believe we need to stop and look closer at some of the ideas that we are bringing to the table.

This is of course an oversimplified and in most ways unrealistic way to actually approach the current global terror situation, but perhaps somewhere in the middle of these extreme ideas and the extreme approaches we have been taking could be found a more effective and sustainable long term approach. At the very least it's time for some change of direction because almost nothing we have been trying has had lasting positive effect.

in the words of Tom: "History will prove this period of American leadership to be an embarrassing low point" I'm not so convinced that a change to democratic leadership in Congress is going to turn this around overnight, but at least now we can hope there will be some commitment to examining the situation further rather than simply "staying the course" no matter how entirely and obviously misguided and harmful that course may be.

At any rate, just some more ideas y'all might think about.

somehow Tom's Idyllic double rainbow photo has led to all this rambling but i guess that's how life goes sometimes.

11:27 PM  

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