Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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People who live in the northern latitudes are not happy unless we can complain about the weather. With the exception of the Red Sox and deer ticks it's the only thing we talk about. This explains our demeanors. Generously described as laconic, reserved, even flinty; Northerners, if you must know, are pissed off half of the time. And this humid heatwave now choking the life out of what's left of our good humor has us positively and joyfully enraged. Children cry, fans drone, dripping window units blow cool mildew into the few bedrooms lucky enough to have them. We slog around the steamy streets greeting one another with listless grunts. We glare across fly-buzzed dinner tables with the boiling urge, but not the energy, to fight one another to the death. But we survive because the weather is our common enemy -- like ticks -- like Manny's base-running. And we spend our wrath on these things, rather than on each other.


Anonymous John G. Kelley, Jr. said...

A new fan from Macon, Georgia (and you thought it is hot in Vt)

I have heard Tom advertise Motel Six but did not know he also writes good short stuff. Last week at a flea market I found his paperback...Small Comforts...and paid twenty-five cents for it. I sure got a bargain.

Tom, I really enjoyed the writing and your site. Next time I will pay full price.

John G. Kelley, Jr.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Yup, I know about those New England summers. Tricky to say the least. Lived there for a little over two years and was pretty surprised when summer came and there were days that were scorchers, even for a Florida boy like myself. Air comditioning is scant up there, I soon discovered, as it was in the third floor apartment of the 1917-built house we called home. The third floor, as in the top... and no real attic space. So far inland that there was no wind, and again for a Florida boy, that was too much. After suffering through two New England summers (and those things that I never had to deal with, winters), I decided to return home to Florida, where the AC's run near continuously and winter is a concept we just don't really understand.

The Vagabond Astronomer

9:46 AM  
Anonymous chuck said...


I dont know what it is like to go through the new england scorchers like you are experiencing now but I can just about imagine it is bad. My best wishes for it to cool off soon for you. I have lived in Phoenix AZ for the past 6 years where it is around 110 to 115 degrees almost every day from may to october with the short exception of something called the Monsoon season in late July to early August. But then everyone tells us "But its a dry heat..." HEHEHE...

Well thanks to my place of employment closing their operations here in Phoenix I am moving to Hillsboro OR where hopefully it will be a bit cooler...

GOD Bless you...

2:04 AM  

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