Friday, February 27, 2009

Being There

We brought the boys to Washington DC for their first of what I hope will be many visits, and it couldn't have been a better reception.   We were walking in front of the White House and spotted Paul Begala outside one of the gates talking on his cell phone.  As we walked by I overheard him say these exact words "...the efficacy of progressive action..."  I believe I'm not revealing anything out-of-turn.  It was just a scrap of political gobleteygook from a professional Washington insider, but it was live political gobletygook.   Be still my heart.

Then, something else we couldn't have planned in a hundred years.   As we wandered across the Ellipse behind the White House the perimeter security noticeably tightened.  A small helicopter swooped in low around the area, circled the Washington Monument and left.   You could see staff and press forming up on the White House lawn and the suddenly out of the west came three Marine helicopters in tight formation.  They turn toward the White House, fly right over our heads, then the middle one peels off and lands.   We saw the President for about three-fifths of a second as he strode toward the West Wing.   Everyone in the small knot of people around us were crowing with our good fortune.   Us too.    Without the boys on hand it might have been one of those notable cell phone camera moments you tell a few friends about. But this is one for family files.  



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