Wednesday, January 07, 2009

News from Jupiter

Here is a news bulletin -- They've completely run out of things to worry about in Jupiter, FL.   We should all move there.  Twice in two days I've received emails asking if I am the voice behind a recurring sound bite on a local radio station that says, "Ya know sometimes I just like to strip down butt naked and jump into a pool of chocolate."   They say it sounds like me.  They did not say it sounds like something I'd say, let alone record, but one can make the leap -- so to speak.

I could formally deny it here and now, but this would give the teeming Jupiter, FL press corps the excuse to print, Bodett denies jumping into a vat of chocolate butt naked.   I might as well have done it, if you see what I mean.   If I did ever say it I was drunk.  And I haven't been drunk in a very very long time.  If I didn't say it, you're drunk, Jupiter, FL.

So, kind residents of Jupiter, go back to your lives.  There's nothing to see here.  Besides, the very thought of being in the same vat of chocolate as my butt is, in the words of my youngest son, icky.


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