Monday, April 17, 2006

Back from Arcata

It was a great trip and a great show. I love working with these folks. Kyrie O'Connor and Adam Felber -- both committed bloggers -- have inspired me to try to post more often. I won't do it, of course. Like most of my inspiration it will curdle and manifest itself as guilt. But I don't mean that as a bad thing. Guilt is what gets the job done most days. Kyrie has graciously featured on her blog, MeMo, a picture of Peter Sagal and I on the streets of Arcata posing with fresh goat cheese. This is illegal in 17 states, but Arcata is an exception to many rules. I first went through there as a long-haired itinerant in 1976 while hitchhiking to Oregon and Alaska. There are still longhairs loitering around the same entrance ramps to 101 that I stood on 30 years ago. The only difference is they've stopped combing their hair and the ponytails have all become dreadlocks. My hair looked like that for a short time in the summer of '76 when I got a thistle tangled up in my hair while hiking in Denali Park. For two days all I could see in my shadow was what looked like a pet squirrel on my head, or a badly centered beehive hairdo. Ah, memories.


Anonymous JoeCip said...

Despite the possibility of being labeled a stalker or perhaps a Tom Bodett freak, I must tell you that I finally popped the Norman Tuttle CD Collection into my car CD player today. I have a long history of listening to End of the Road stories in the car while driving the treacherous roads of Southern California. This goes back a while. I've driven many a mile with those End of the Road on "cassette" compilations from the late 80's and I still pull 'em out every once in a while when the mood strikes.

But then I saw the blurb about the "Norman Tuttle on the Last Frontier" CD collection on your blog last week and ordered it right away. Upon listening today, I realized that some of the stories are re-tellings, which pleases me to no end. Since I know the old cassettes so well I'm quite happy with the megabyte roominess a CD allows for unabridged versions of the stories I'm quite familiar with. I really just started listening today and I'm up to the Thanksgiving story which is a favorite, although I missed the old line, "The Tuttle's are Teetotalers, which is harder to say than do," but was happy to hear a Tuttle/teetotaler mention pop up later in the story :-)

Thanks Tom for the re-tellings. These will last me a while. :-)


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