Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog Days

Why am I not posting more often? Because I am lazy. Lazy and hot. Lazy and hot and damp. We are in the dog days of summer and I am panting. One must think of things in order to sufficiently construct a blog entry and I cannot think of anything except: it's hot. The hazy air surrounding my house and hanging stagnant inside it is aggressively still this morning. Not only does it not move, but it resists being moved. These are precisely the conditions that existed at the dawn of time when a simple one-celled critter from a space rock began dividing and multiplying and evolving into swine flu, gladiolas and Justin Timberlake.

I feel like heading in the other direction. I am heading in the other direction. In an effort to cool itself my body has shut down all unnecessary functions and I am writing this using only my brain stem and a stick.

As they say down yonder -- It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.


Blogger Angelswatch said...

Kinda miss that weather in Homer now huh.....

8:07 AM  

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