Friday, March 28, 2008

Big Foot Bunny Droppings

The myth of the Easter Bunny endures one more season in southeastern Vermont. Like the Big Foot hoaxes in the West, large rabbits that poop chocolate and joy are a well-documented phenom in the Green Mountains.

This picture depicts what it might have looked like had the Shackelton Expedition been a family outing.

With another 6 inches of snow falling as I write, signs of spring are everywhere...but here.


Blogger wildwoodfarms said...

Ah, spring!

Wondering if you are into making Maple Syrup? If not, that's ok, probably all the neighbors around you are making it! I grew up next door in New Hampshire, and as previously mentioned elsewhere, defected to northern Minnesota many years ago. However, I still produce Maple Syrup. It is a wonderous and joyful dance with nature, and some of the hardest work a body can do.

A producer friend across the river in NH just told me he thinks they will be on snow shoes until June. Hey, don't dispair, it always goes before then. (unless easter comes on the 23rd of March, in which case it snows until May.)

Not sure if you are into "events" or not, but if you are, take in the "Vermont Maple Festival" up north in St. Albans Vt. It is always the last weekend in April, and will run the 25th thru the 27th. There is a website for it if you care to peruse, and there is something for all ages. Put on your Tom Bodett disguise, you know, the one you bought for last haloween, make the 2 hour drive, and you and the family will have a great time.

6:55 PM  
Blogger homerakguy said...

Hey Tom,

Was checkin yer Bio, cause things are so busy here in Homer. When I saw you were a builder I wondered if you had a hand in this place I bought here. I was sure it was built by a bunch of drunken sailors but having been through nicotine withdrawal myself a time or two I wondered if maybe you contributed to this piece of artwork I'm trying to survive in????

Did you get your radio start here at KBBI? My kid and his band buddies had a spot there on Saturday nites from 9 till midnite for awhile. They played classic rock records and were pretty funny in between cuts: Snow is forcast North of Clam Gulch with a chance of rain South of Clam Gulch and once again there will be no weather in Clam Gulch". They got lectured often by the management but kept their gib for several months, so the ratings must have up. One guy slipped the "S" word one nite and they all got fired.

The spit's still here, the sno's now turnin to mud, half the town's still drivin Subaru's and global warmin hasn't been seen round here for a couple of years.

How's life there in Vermont???? Hope this note finds you warm and well.


9:07 PM  

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