Sunday, March 27, 2011

Memory Safe #2


I did not forget the motorcycle. This much I know for sure. Jane got back in touch in ‘95 and told me her best memory of the two of us was the weekend we took my motorcycle from East Lansing to Warren Dunes on Lake Michigan. I remembered the weekend. But we’d hitchhiked.. She insisted there was a motorcycle. She remembered what it looked like. I’ve never owned or really even learned how to operate one. The closest I came was when I dumped my roommate’s Triumph on the yard of our dorm. Maybe Jane had seen that – I don’t remember the timing of it all -- and put the rest of it together from dreams. Jane’s father pulled me aside a few weeks later, after I’d thumbed over to Gross Point to see her. He told me to never under any circumstances hitchhike with his daughter again. I didn’t do that or anything else with Jane again as it turned out. I wonder how he would have felt about a motorcycle?


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